About Us

The Incubator is an entrepreneurship workshopthat was created by Carrefour jeunesse-emploi de-l’Ouest-de-l’île, for student to develop new school project ideas.

Carrefour jeunesse-emploi de-l’Ouest-de-l’île encourages young adults by offering various employment services, as well as social reintegration, job search, back-to-school and entrepreneurship counselling programs.

Qualified employment counsellors and social workers conduct workshops on a variety of subjects to enrich students’ experience of school and to help at-risk youth to stay in school. Basically, if a young person needs some help, we can give it to them or refer them to someone who can!

All young adults between the ages of 16 and 35 are eligible to receive the services of the CJE – in French and English.


“The Carrefour” also reaches young people from 5 to 35 through entrepreneurial and project development workshops offered to West Island elementary and secondary schools.
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